I Wish I Could Just Take Your Voice With Me

This morning I told Sonia, my trainer, that I wished her voice could just follow me home and talk while I’m exercising.


One of my goals is to develop new muscle memory, but I’m not there yet. Sonia always explains and demonstrates—using correct form and posture—a brand new exercise for me. Then she’ll say, “And now it’s your turn.”


I rarely manage to do it right the first time, but she watches and instructs me while I try. Her words help me move from wrong to right positions; and once that happens, my muscles can feel the difference. I’m gaining strength and improving my balance.


Our conversation this morning reminded me of something from my years as a mental health counselor. Oftentimes a client would say, “I could hear your voice in my head this last week,” and believe me, I was always curious to hear what they’d remembered.


The words I’d like to hear from Sonia, when I’m exercising at home, are the same things she repeats every time I work out: engage your core, straighten your chest, keep your feet straight, your booty out, and your knees behind your toes. Basic things that help improve my form and protect me from injury.


The words my clients remembered were usually things I’d also said repeatedly: stop your worry thoughts, journal, get some exercise, eat enough protein, and pray. Basic things that help build mental and emotional muscles.


It was a simple process in my thoughts this morning to leap from physical to mental/emotional to spiritual muscles—because I want the very same thing from the Lord. I want his voice to go with me—to grow my strength and improve my balance.


Some things I’ve been learning: the more I do basic stuff like reading his word—the more his voice goes with me; and the more I pray—the better I can hear him.


My joy is growing deeper.


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