Almost There

I’m almost there. You’re almost there. Truthfully, no matter the time in any of our lives, we’re all almost somewhere. My head knew that, but the rest of me learned it the hard way October 26, 2011—the morning my husband was killed 20 minutes after we kissed good-bye.

                            Dan & Jan (at Jimmy & Sue's)

And just like that, our life together was forever and irrevocably changed. Because then he was there—celebrating in the presence of God and millions of angels, but I was still here—trying to remember how to breathe.

How do you know

      what your life will be like tomorrow?

Your life is like the morning fog—

      It is here a little while,

            then it’s gone.

                    James 4:14


My best friend, encourager, partner in laughter and practical jokes, spiritual confidant, wonderful dad to our kids, and pastor husband for 33 years and 20 days instantly became part of my past instead of my present. And my thoughts began whimpering, and then sometimes loudly demanding to know —so who am I now?

When Dan performed a wedding, he’d say that in a really good marriage, a man and a woman are braided together with God “and a thrice-braided cord is not easily broken”. I can say, with unsought authority, that the ripping apart hurts like nobody’s business.

But God is still a good God. And I’ve discovered that sometimes I can see more clearly through my tears. Laughter has returned to my life. And my prayer for the rest of my time here is for the Lord to work through me to encourage the people in my life to get to know Him…because I really really really want them to spend eternity there.

                                                    Jan's pic 3

49 thoughts on “Almost There”

  1. You are such an amazing lady and I’m blessed beyond measure that our paths crossed in New England…beautiful picture of you Jan!

    1. Bless you! What an amazing criss-cross God provided in the lives of two Texans. Only God could have put us on the same trip…never having met before, yet you’d prayed for me for three years. What a validation of God’s master designs.

  2. Jan, this is an awesome beginning! I am so very proud of you and look forward to following your inspirational posts. Blessings!

  3. Jan, I look forward to your daily posts, God’s word. They inspire me and ground me. I’m only able to attend my church every other Sunday to recharge my batteries because of my work schedule. Your posts are not wasted. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Rodney. God’s word continually inspires and amazes me. The depth of meaning and application is always timely, no matter where I’m reading. Truly all scripture is God breathed…2 Timothy 3:16.

  4. Looking forward to your inspirational post. It is so good to hear you laugh and laugh with you again. “I’m so proud of you!”

    1. Thank you! It is wonderful to laugh again. Dan told me those words so often that they’ve become part of the fabric of me. What a blessing he was and still is in my life. Kisses from heaven. 🙂

  5. Oh, dear Jan. Thank you so much! I find myself imagining how deeply Dan loved you. I can, perhaps, feel something of what an amazing blessing it is to experience such a marriage. XO

    1. Dan lived his life and faith more intentionally than anyone I’ve ever known. He told me before we married that he’d never speak badly of me to anyone else. And he always kept his word. Real life, people and marriages are never perfect, but I adored him.

  6. I am looking forward to the post God inspires you to share each morning. Our plans for this earthly life doesn’t always turn out the way we envisioned, but Jeremiah 29:11 is so true! You are such a blessing!

  7. What a joy it is for me to see you returning to your written thoughts! Thanks for sharing this site with me.

  8. Love you Jan!! I didn’t know Dan as well as Robbyn but what I do know and things I’ve been told he was indeed a wonderful man. I know you miss him dearly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!!!!

  9. Jan, love your posts and we all miss Dan. Keep up the good work. It is an inspiration to all.

    1. Thank you, Susan! 🙂 There should be a box at the very bottom of the screen that asks if you’d like to be notified of new posts. If you check it, you should get an email each time I post something…which will probably be 2 each day.

  10. Thank you for continuing to inspire me each morning with your scripture emails and your texts!! Looking forward to reading your posts.

  11. Love to hear some happiness come back into you. I know Dan is smiling saying “that’s my girl”. Love you and so very proud of you. I’m enjoying this site SO much. I’m sharing it with friends and family. Thank you!

  12. I just want to tell you how much I continue to enjoy your Scripture on the go. Thank you for the time it takes.

  13. Jan you are an inspiration! Please add me to your list receiving “Almost There” posts. I will never forget when Dan performed the marriage ceremony for Wayne and Kelonna. Dan had all the guests laughing and Wayne crying. Of course, they were tears of happiness! I have never, ever witnessed such a heart-felt wedding ceremony. I know Dan is smiling from heaven as you pick up the pieces and inspire the lives of those you touch.

    1. Bless you, Dorothy! 🙂 If you’ll scroll down to the bottom of the page, there’s a box to check to receive notifications of future posts. And I truly believe Dan is smiling in heaven. 🙂

  14. Dear Jan,
    Since our random encounter in Jerusalem, I haven’t stop thinking about you.
    Now, after I read your blog, I understand why.
    Amazing story, amazing writing, amazing woman.

    1. Thank you and bless you; but the only amazing thing about me is the Spirit of the living God who tabernacles within me…
      because of my personal relationship with his son, Jesus.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss; this walk has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but God has been, and is, very very faithful to walk with me. There is a place at the bottom of my webpage that allows someone to sign up to receive the posts. Thank you for liking what I’ve shared. I post a daily Scripture and picture and post blog entries as the Lord inspires me. Blessings for your day.

  15. Hello Jan. My name is Sher Abbott. I am the niece of Jimmy and Sue Rogers. I saw that my Aunt Trudy (Rogers) Hayter liked a post of yours on FB and I started reading it. You are a very insightful writer. I look forward to following your blog.

    1. Thank you, Sher, and bless you for your kind words. Writing brings me great joy.

      I share articles (with varying degrees of regularity 🙂 ) and also what I’ve always called “Scripture on the go” — scripture plus picture (most all of which I’ve taken EXCEPT, of course, the Hubble telescope ones) on a daily basis. I’m working on figuring out if my host site theme will allow me to categorize them as such. There are a lot of articles interwoven throughout my website, but it takes a bit of effort to wade through the entirety and find them. Thank you for reading them.

    1. Thank you, Barbara. At the bottom of my front page, there’s a box to check if you’d like to be notified by email of future posts. I post a daily scripture, picture and blessing; and not so daily articles. Blessings, Jan

  16. I look forward to your insightful , and most comforting “God’s here!” Posts. Thank you , sweet friend. Please keep me in your prayers as I am coping with anxiety at times and I don’t like it!! It’s new to me and I’m not great at dealing!! Linda

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