Lamby Lou’s First Christmas Ornament


Lamby Lou left the Old Williamsburg gift shop and moved to Texas before Faith Cora was even born. We grown-ups initially thought she was just an exceptionally soft cuddly toy—but as Faith grew, so did Lamby’s persona and family stature.


Eventually you rarely saw one without the other: FaithCora&LambyLou. Lamby Lou took the fall for Faith Cora’s misdeeds on several occasions—the first being when she uprooted several indoor potted plants. The most traumatic consequence of that experience was that Lamby had to have her first bath; and what might seem like short wash and dry cycles to one can be unbearably long to another.


Various family members have been willing to retrace many miles, particularly at bedtime, to retrieve an accidentally left-behind lamb. It was never much fun to have a sleepover with Faith Cora, if Lamby didn’t come too. We’d begin by rationally discussing and reasonably agreeing that Mama Jan had a Lamby at her house and Faith could sleep with Mama Jan’s Lamby. But what’s an agreeable substitute in the sunshine hours loses its agreeability in direct proportion to the setting sun.


Lamby Lou is well-traveled and has participated in many adventures, but there are still some experiences she hasn’t had; and I was informed of one of those a few weeks ago.


One of our family traditions is that sometime around Thanksgiving weekend everyone selects a Hallmark Christmas ornament for the tree; and I thought when the kids married, they’d take their ornaments to their own trees, but I was wrong. Turned out the “rule” is that those stay on my tree. This is a fun tradition and in the early years, I’d fill in the empty spaces not taken up by the special ornaments. Those days are long past—our collection has grown exponentially, everyone has an individual tote box in the attic, and every year I need a bigger tree than last.


It’s nearly always a family outing when we “go get our ornaments” and this year was no different. Faith, Abe, April and I followed the same pattern as always: examine every ornament multiple times, discuss what best reflects the year, make a choice, and then change your mind. It could be exhausting to some people, but we persevere.


We looked at all the “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments for Abe and when I pointed out the Little Lamb to Faith Cora—she was immediately smitten. She turned full-face and body toward me, then quietly and reverently, with hopeful expectation, told me, “Lamby doesn’t have a Christmas ornament.”


Well…children and lambs are both important. Straight from the Lamb of God:



He called a little child to him,


and placed the child among them.


And he said:


“Truly I tell you,


unless you change


and become like little children,


you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.


Therefore, whoever takes


the lowly position of this child


is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.


And whoever welcomes


one such child in my name


welcomes me.


Matthew 18:2-5


So when they had finished breakfast,


Jesus said to Simon Peter,


“Simon, son of John,


do you love me more than these?”


He said to him,


“Yes, Lord; You know that I love you “


He said to him, “Tend my lambs.”


John 21:15


4 thoughts on “Lamby Lou’s First Christmas Ornament”

  1. Amen Jan! I’m so grateful to you for sharing God’s word in such a special way. Your scripture on the go and almost there is food for the soul. Thank you for giving me and everyone else this precious gift on a daily basis. Please know I think of you everyday and still marvel at our crisscross path. May you and your family have a blessed holy day season! Love to you my sweet friend. ?

    1. Bless you & your family with the unfettered boundless joy of God’s redeeming grace this Christmas season, sweet friend! We should deliberately plan a crisscross intersection trip ????

  2. The stories of the adventures and mishaps of Faith Cora and Lamby Lou have meant a lot to me because I could always see Aunt Cora beaming and I could almost hear her amused giggle She would have been so pleased that her Dan’s granddaughter has such imagination and a tender and loyal heart. My favorite story is the one about when Lamby had a serious injury and the kind lady at The Red Thread did some internal surgery and stitched her up to be able to function and return to her duties as a reliable friend.

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