Happy Colors

I love God’s color palate; and this year’s Japanese maples drenched in strident purples, sizzling reds, Popsicle oranges, and blinding yellows almost defied sensibility. They reminded me of a busted bag of Skittles generously spilled and bounced out all over the floor; and their late-blooming neighbors—fuchsia and coral azaleas—didn’t inspire much awe spread underneath the maple’s flamboyance.


Several years ago I happy-color painted my way through the house. My son made me smile when he teasingly told me that the results were akin to walking into a Pixar movie. I laughed; and then reminded him that he no longer lives here.


It’s hard to put too-fine a pointed word on it, but I do know that I’m at home in happy colors.


At year-end 2015, nametests.com, via a random Facebook post, informed me that my “word” for 2016 was “joy”. That pleased me to no end because I’d been actively seeking joy for some time. It also pleased me that it criss-crossed with a long-standing tradition Dan had established in our church’s Christmas Family Communion service: in the softly-lit quiet of each family’s gathered moment, he’d give them their word for the next year.


I love words and particularly love having a word. So I’m pleased to report that my 2016 was filled with joy. Self-fulfilling expectation? Perhaps. God’s blessings spilled out on me? Definitely.


I searched nametests.com this morning, but they’re offering different questions this year; which is just as well. And I’ve chosen my own word for the coming year: aware.


Stay posted.


“Now learn a lesson from the fig tree.


When its branches bud


and its leaves begin to sprout,


you know that summer is near.


In the same way,


when you see all these things taking place,


you can know that his return is very near,


right at the door.


I tell you the truth, this generation


will not pass from the scene


before all these things take place.


Heaven and earth will disappear,


but my words will never disappear.


“However, no one knows the day or hour


when these things will happen,


not even the angels in heaven


or the Son himself.


Only the Father knows.


And since you don’t know when that time will come,


be on guard!


Stay alert!


Mark 13:28-33

My word.


My word.