Blessings of Setting Your Hope Anew On God

So each generation should set its hope anew on God,

not forgetting his glorious miracles

and obeying his commands. 

For he divided the sea and led them through,

making the water stand up like walls!

In the daytime he led them by a cloud,

and all night by a pillar of fire.

He split open the rocks in the wilderness

to give them water, as from a gushing spring.

He made streams pour from the rock,

making the waters flow down like a river!

Psalm 78:7, 13-16

Blessings of Focusing on the Eternal Jerusalem

What joy for those whose strength comes from the LORD,

who have set their minds on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

When they walk through the Valley of Weeping,

it will become a place of refreshing springs.

The autumn rains will clothe it with blessings.

They will continue to grow stronger,

and each of them will appear before God in Jerusalem.

Psalm 84:5-7

(Core of the Question Mark nebula, photo by Gazing Outwards)