Puzzle Thoughts During Covid19

The pieces that you think won’t fit, eventually do.

Sometimes a piece can fit perfectly, blend completely, and still be in the wrong place.

Missing pieces may show up days later—in your robe pocket or on the floor of the hall bathroom.

A lot of work may equal just a little bit of progress, but it’s still necessary.

It’s a process without specific directions.

Sometimes the piece you don’t see is right in front of you.

Sometimes the process is fun and sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes it’s good to look at things upside down or sideways.

You can get to the end and be missing a piece; and that’s a bad thing.

Bad things can happen again.

Jesus taught from parables to illustrate truths. Your life will do the same thing, if you watch for it.

Sometimes the pieces are like the wheat and tares Jesus talked about; and only God knows the difference.

You can live your entire life, get to the very end, and still be missing that one most important piece.

God knows and grace replaces. 

White Mountain Puzzle Company sent replacements for the puzzles that had missing pieces.

God sent Jesus to offer you your missing piece.

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