Blessings of The One Whose Rule Will Never End

…I saw someone like a son of man

coming with the clouds of heaven.

He approached the Ancient One

and was led into his presence.

He was given authority, honor and sovereignty

over all the nations of the world,

so that people of every race and nation and language

would obey him.

His rule is eternal—it will never end.

His kingdom will never be destroyed.

Daniel 7:13-14

(Leoncita Ranch, Davis Mountains)

Blessings of The Ancient of Days

I watched as thrones were put in place

and the Ancient One sat down to judge.

His clothing was as white as snow,

his hair like purest wool.

He sat on a fiery throne

with wheels of blazing fire,

and a river of fire was pouring out,

flowing from his presence.

Millions of angels ministered to him;

many millions stood to attend him.

Then the court began its session,

and the books were opened.

Daniel 7:9-10

(Leoncita Ranch, Davis Mountains)