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When our kids were in first and second grade, we attended a Joe Scruggs children’s folk music concert—and were hooked. Dan and I loved the songs as much as the kids did. That was prior to our Internet access, and I don’t recall how I’d hear about a new release, but would order it just as soon as I knew. We kept all the cassette tapes in the mini-van and they were practically the only music we ever played.


I was a little sad when the kids grew past them—because I don’t think I ever did. The lyrics were timeless in so many ways and I was thrilled to discover last year that they’re still available on CD. So I ordered Faith Cora AND myself each a set. Ostensibly mine were to play when she’s with me—but who’s to say what I can or can’t listen to when I’m alone 🙂  ; and it amused me to no end when my sister, whose kids had also listened to them years ago, wanted a set for herself. They are, as she said, reminders of happy times.


In the years between back then and now, Joe continued to produce music; and my new current favorite CD is “Garden of the Lord”. If I were musically inclined, and anybody who has ever stood beside me in congregational singing knows that I AM NOT, but if I were, “New Day” could have been written and sung by me.



New Day

By Joe Scruggs


“I have always loved the early morning time.

It’s quiet and I talk to God and pray what’s on my mind.

It’s the time of day just before the stars have all gone dim.

I think He’s smiling down on us and I’m just smiling back at Him.


And I love to sing in the morning

When the sun is just below the horizon line

Because I know in the glow that a New Day is coming.

And there is joy in this heart of mine.


Heaven it would be if joy were all I had to know

But in this earthly life that’s not how it goes.

His abiding love helps me live this life’s reality.

Joy and sorrow know each other, and joy and sorrow both know me.


But I will sing His praises in the morning.

Though sorrow might be my company.

Because His love is so great

And through my heartache,

I see his New Day just waiting there for me.


Through mountaintops and valleys this life seems to go.

And all the blessings I’ve received I’m sure I’ll never know.

And with this song I honor God for all that He has done.

I turn my face to feel His grace

With every New Day’s sun…”




I suspect it’s the intent of folk music to touch the heart, I don’t really know; I just know that it touches something deep inside of me. The words about joy and sorrow knowing each other; and joy and sorrow both knowing me are so true.


During the first few years following Dan’s death, everywhere I looked I saw bittersweet; nothing, it seemed, was purely happy. In times like that it’s surely best to trust the wisdom of the Bright Morning Star who inspired these words:


…Weeping may last through the night,


but joy comes with the morning.


Psalm 31:5

Joe Scruggs

2 thoughts on “I Love Joe Scruggs”

  1. Jan,
    Thank you for you kind comments about my music. You should know the ideas about joy and sorrow expressed in my song come from Kahlil Gibran and his book “The Prophet” in particular his pages on sorrow. It was my joy to be able to sing what was in my heart and to find that it had an audience. I so appreciate you letting me know that my music, with you and your family, found a home. Best Regards, Joe Scruggs

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