Beyond the Clouds


What a difference clouds make. When I fly, I like to sit by the window and take pictures of the cloud formations from above. It’s amazing how something made of mist can appear so solid and substantial from a distance.


The 2014 – 2015 tetrad of four blood moons has been so interesting to follow. I was totally awed by the first one—and very disappointed when clouds blocked my view of the last three.


Sitting outside with my camera last night, I knew the moon’s location because I could see a diffused bright area behind the clouds—I just couldn’t see the moon. Even though I’ve seen the moon in that particular place thousands of times, and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was there—I still couldn’t see or take a picture of it.




However, my sister in Maryland had an un-obscured view of the moon and got some gorgeous pictures.




As I waited last night, I thought about God and how it’s sometimes hard to see him; especially when clouds of life block my view. Even when I’ve seen him in my life thousands of times, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s there—it’s still hard sometimes to see him.


But thank the LORD, his presence is totally unaffected by my ability or inability to see him.


And if I can believe there was a gorgeous blood moon displayed in the heavens last night—even though I didn’t see any part of it—then how much more can I believe he’s here—even when I don’t see him.



Your unfailing love, O LORD,


is as vast as the heavens;


your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds.


Psalm 36:5

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