Realizing or Recognizing


Feeling the presence of God is wonderful, but what about the times that you don’t? What about the dreary dark days when you remember how it used to feel, but if your very existence depended upon it, you couldn’t regenerate the feelings?


A good friend gave me a copy of “Streams in the Desert” at the gathering following my husband’s funeral almost four years ago. The first year’s readings seemed harsh; they expected more of me than I had left inside. The next year somehow lighter; and each reading since has grown sweeter.


This year’s September 6th reading intrigued me. It talked about the difference between realizing and recognizing God’s unseen presence.


In order to realize and feel God’s unseen presence, something has to prompt me—a feeling, a physical condition or possibly even the weather.


But independent of all that, I can recognize and acknowledge God’s unseen presence simply by choosing to do so.


And what a powerful difference that makes.


God’s words to Jesus:




He also says to the Son,


“In the beginning, Lord,


you laid the foundation of the earth


and made the heavens with your hands.




They will perish, but you remain forever.


They will wear out like old clothing.




You will fold them up like a cloak


and discard them like old clothing.


But you are always the same;


you will live forever.”


Hebrews 1:10-12




So He remains—forever and always.





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