Timely Timelessness


The timely timelessness of God and His word never ceases to amaze me.


When I was a child, I could close my eyes at night and make myself dizzy; going ‘round and ‘round trying to understand how God didn’t begin, but obviously was, and would also never end.


For years now I’ve emailed a somewhat daily Scripture On The Go and picture to several hundred people. I rarely go hunting for a specific verse, but  instead use one of the next-of-many I’ve previously highlighted in my study Bible.


One morning it just seemed right to add the quiet and God-sort-of-obvious blessing I could hear in the verse.


Then several months ago I began sharing them on my webpage and then to Facebook; where I tag each post with a few words that highlight the blessing.


Yesterday’s offering:


He found them in a desert land,


in an empty, howling wasteland.


He surrounded them and watched over them;


he guarded them as he would guard his own eyes.


Deuteronomy 32:10


The blessing: Blessings of Being Guarded


The tagline: The only true safety…


Then after everything was emailed, shared and posted, I heard the horrible news story of the two young reporters in Moneta, VA; senselessly murdered minutes before, on live television…all while doing their regular morning jobs.


I’ll bet it’s perfectly accurate to say that neither the reporter nor cameraman expected to die conducting that interview.


And I was starkly reminded once again…there is no guarantee of safety in this mortal life…but to be watched over by God, is to be safely guarded for all eternity.


“And I am giving them eternal life,


and they shall never perish,


and no one shall snatch them from my hand.”

John 10:28


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